Conquer the obstacles …

Positive thinking alone is not enough. Research has shown that the best outcomes are created when we balance positive thinking with visualizing the future obstacles and struggles we will encounter.

-Vanessa Loder, How To Conquer The Fear Of Failure – 5 Proven Strategies, found on

Today I was making calls, and I swear my heart rate went from 70, to 120 for the next hour as I made the calls. But I was able to finish them.

Some days it feels like the first real estate (to a non-relative) will never come, that I can’t learn enough, fast enough, and 100 or 200 calls per day, just won’t be enough. I am losing life balance — and dislike it, but worse is feeling the pressure to pay insurance premiums with no regular income available. Oh my!! I keep telling myself to focus on positives and keep learning, that one day soon it will be enough, and to keep plodding. I am – but still have the nagging thoughts that if I don’t sell — what happens? All I know is tomorrow is another day with another 100 calls to make, and that one of these days — it will lead to something promising.