An old dog.
An Older Dog
Oldest Dog

I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks.

From Nov 2016 to Jan 2017, I attended DBC (Dev BootCamp) as part of the Jackrabbits cohort.  Though I managed to complete the course work, I never felt like I knew enough and was skilled enough to get work in the field.

So instead of getting into tech, I purposely got involved in Sales (Steel Sales and Real Estate) hoping to learn how to better interact with people, and specifically to be less fearful of such interactions.  After nine months in the sales arena, I can confirm I expect I could be a more proficient programmer, than sales agent, given time and practice.

In an effort to get back into the coding /tech arena, I plan to refresh myself on those things learned eons ago (18 months to be exact), and begin learning new (at least to me) technologies, like Node.js and React.  I think the key will be consistent efforts and fun projects.

Today, I was introduced to WordPress through a basic UDEMY course, which I understand is a bloggers dream. Even though I am NOT a blogger (not a big public sharer), I figured the best way to improve my Word Press skills would be to use it -- frequently.

At DBC, we started each day with a quote usually supplied by Duke Green. Often it was an inspirational or humorous quote, as way to provide a positive mindset before undertaking the arduous day ahead.

In tribute to this tradition, I have decided to undertake a pseudo-blog that provides quotations to motivate us all to strive to be better each day. In doing so, hopefully I can add WordPress to my tech skills column.

Happy coding, and quoting.

CEM 8/9/2018

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