Driven By Pain and Pleasure

… it’s not actual pain that drives us, but our fear that something will lead to pain. And it’s not actual pleasure that drives us, but our belief – our sense of certainty – that somehow taking a certain action will lead to pleasure. We’re not driven by the reality, but by our perception of reality.

-Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within, pg 66

Finished helping my Aunt Wen move yesterday, thought it would be quick and painless — it wasn’t due to traffic. Her friend Carol and I were on the Bay Bridge for an hour and a half — it was about two miles all told. I can say with certainty, that I do my very very best to avoid sitting in traffic, but there was no where else to go. And after getting back, and having to return the truck – due to traffic, and not easily finding the business to return the truck, that took another two hours. But the move is over, thankfully, and Aunt Wen can start her life in Delaware.