Find Your Purpose

*** Spoiler Alert – Don’t read if you intend to read, or are reading A Dog’s Purpose ***

…mostly what I felt was peace, secure in the knowledge that by living my life the way I had, everything had come down to this moment.

I had fulfilled my purpose.

-W Bruce Cameron, pg 319, A Dog’s Purpose

Finished up the book, A Dog’s Purpose, yesterday. A tear jerker but also an interesting story. The dog lives a life, dies, and returns (with memories intact) into another life. He remembers each of his earthly experiences, and uses what he learned in prior lives, to make the best of his current life. At the end he finds the boy he met in his second life (I believe, maybe third). The boy is now an old man. The dog helps the boy find love at an advanced age, and remains with the boy until he passes. The quote above ends the bookwith the dog knowing that he had achieved his purpose, by learning from each of his life experiences and being the best dog he could. Well worth the read.