Hard-earned Experience.

Experience is what you get, when you didn’t get what you wanted!

-Randy Pausch

Hadn’t had much time to do quotes, and want to get back to it. I thought of this quote, though I didn’t know who said it. I thought about it today, after thinking we were going to be getting a listing, that the owner decided to go with someone else. Though I would have preferred to get the listing, I was and am happy for the experience. I think we did a great presentation, and I think she was impressed, but sometimes people go with those who are most like them, which is what I think happened in this case. I asked what we could have done that might have made a difference — and she said nothing. I felt more comfortable with the other agent, and had past experience with her company. We are moving on to a few appointments tomorrow, and will improve with each appointment. May it be a great weekend. Sorry to friends affected by the government shutdown.